My work represents a silent conversation with my thoughts during all kinds of outdoor activity. Through my photography I became much more aware of the beauty and uniqueness of nature. I also realized that I can feel and see human gestures and expressions in nature and in particular in my tree images. That’s probably why they called my attention in the first place, substituting a campanion during my walks as I prefer to be on my own when involved in these observations and thought processes.

I make pictures to call attention to things that other people overlook.
My goal is to make photographs and draw viewers into the “here” and “now”.
I never go out shooting and looking for images - they find me.

Trees represent determination to succeed in life for me. You will find tree images very often in my photography and sometimes even I am surprised that I could not help it having included a tree, or part of it, in my images. Whenever I included a tree in my art I feel confident and happy to be the owner of this image. Trees have become a fundamental part in developing my skills of seeing and appreciating forms, lines, curves and patterns in nature. As I am known to be a perfectionist in daily life, I enjoy showing these patterns and regularities in my art.

Although being a firm believer of nature being all about colours, shadows and light, I sometimes use the contrast of Black and White Photography to express my thoughts and feelings in a particular image, to express my mood and state of mind.

Please do not use any of my photography without my prior permission.