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The medieval town of Óbidos is one of the most picturesque and well preserved in Portugal.
Quite close to the capital Lisbon (87Km approx.) and located on high ground near the Atlantic coast, Óbidos has had a strategic importance in the territory. It had already been settled prior to the Romans’ arrival in the Iberian Peninsula, and the town prospered after being chosen by the royal family. King Dinis offered it to his wife, Queen Isabel, in the 13th century, and it became part of Casa das Rainhas (Queens’ Estate), who improved and enriched it throughout the various dynasties. This is one of the main reasons for the high concentration of churches in this small place.

ÓbidosSmall town in Portugal

To get to Óbidos from Lisbon, you can take a train from the Santa Apolonia station. A bus service is also available and it takes about

1 h 48 m. 

Driving will take less than 1 hour. Ample parking is available not too far from the town centre. Best parking location is at the Viaduct. 

The viaduct in ÓbidosParking

The city is completely walled and it is 1.5 km in length. It is well worth the walk with wonderful views of the surrounding landscape. However caution, the ledges are relatively narrow, without handrails, some of the towers have steep steps. 

A wall around townÓbidos wall walk

The streets are cobblestoned so (as always in Portugal) make sure to bring good walking shoes/tennis.


There is a section of the city that stages medieval events/reconstruction. The month of July is usually dedicated to the Medieval Fair & Festival events, so make sure to check out the schedule beforehand.

ÓbidosMain Street


The local craft shops have quality products and are worth visiting. Do not leave the city before tasting the local chocolate & trying the “Ginjinha”, a sweet, cherry-based liqueur that originated in the region. Maybe even take a bottle home and relive your wonderful memories from Portugal during the long winter evenings! 

Casa da BuganviliaCraft shop in Óbidos


If you are a bookworm and/or just love wandering around book stores, Óbidos is the place for you. It is renowned as a book lover’s paradise! In fact UNESCO named Óbidos as a “City of Literature” joining other prestigious cities such as Dublin & Barcelona. 

If time is limited at least visit the Santiago Bookstore. 


For restaurants, try to avoid them between 12:30pm and 2:00pm otherwise you are likely to have to wait some time for a table. 

CatsCrafts in Óbidos

Summer time in ÓbidosLooking up

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Portugal from known to hidden gems https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2022/8/portugal-from-known-to-hidden-gems  

Tips for coming to Lisbon


Make sure to bring good walking shoes/tennis. The streets/pedestrian paths are cobblestoned.

A light jacket/windbreaker is a must especially for evenings in Cascais & Sintra.

English is understood and spoken quite well in most places. 

For restaurants, always try to make a reservation. Use the website/app: The Fork for restaurant reviews and recommendations.

A lot of places do not accept International Credit Cards. Bring Euros!

You need coins for Public Transport.


1.Take a hop on-hop off bus tour especially the one that goes to Belem. Once in Belem, go to the former convent (Pastéis de Belem, https://pasteisdebelem.pt) where they have the best Pastel de Nata (Portuguese egg custard tart pastry = a local speciality) and good coffee.

2. Time Out Market (https://www.timeoutmarket.com/lisboa/en/) great atmosphere and a wide variety of restaurants including local cuisine. This is also close to the train station (Cais do Sodré) which goes to Estoril & Cascais.

3. Organi Restaurant (https://organi.pt/en/) - really good vegan restaurant which is also a favourite with non-vegans. Seriously good food. Be sure to make a reservation. 

Plantbased burger at Organi

4. Nicolau Cafe (https://www.ilovenicolau.com/en/) - this is particularly good for breakfast/brunch. Again a reservation is recommended.

Plantbased burger at Nicolau

5. Scoop ‘n Dough (https://www.scoopndough.pt) - a must for the sweet tooth! Good coffee and seriously spectacular doughnuts. Get there before lunch. They sell out fast. But they are open until very late (23h)

6. O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo (Lisbon City)+351 919 299 242 https://goo.gl/maps/JEjXTRwyGY7mpwPG6

It is on Av. Liberdade, a beautiful tree lined avenue. The avenue has a number of Kiosks (very continental style) with coffee/beer etc. I believe on Sundays there is music and people dance etc. (I have not been there yet but a friend has and recommended it.)

7. Take the train to Cascais but get off at Estoril. Visit the Estoril Casino and park. Afterwards walk towards the beach & along the promenade all the way to Cascais (about 2kms). 

In Cascais, have lunch at Masala (https://restaurantemasala.pt), a terrific Indian restaurant in the center. Great value (often 20% off for lunch). Afterwards walk along the quays/port on the coastline in the the direction of  Boca do Inferno (Hell's Mouth). Spectacular cliffs at the Ocean.

A little further on is the Casa da Guia (https://casadaguiacascais.pt). This is a lovely manor house with spectacular views over the Ocean. The house and gardens have an array of very good restaurants and a coffee house where you can sit and hear the ocean while enjoying (inexpensively) good coffee or a glass of wine. 

Casa da Guia, Cascais

It is also a great place at night because it hosts the restaurant “Palaphita Cascais’  (https://www.palaphita.eu) under its trees. Palaphita is a Brasilian restaurant and from Thursday nights on they have music. It is outdoors so it can be a little bit chilly - bring a jacket.

Sunset hour at Palaphita, Cascais Palaphita, Cascais

8. Sintra - Definitely need to put it on the visitor list. Sintra is a historic city with many world famous Palaces (last King of Portugal) and a Moorish Castle. If you only have time to visit one castle I recommend choosing “Quinta da Regaleira” (https://www.regaleira.pt/pt/) and buy your tickets beforehand online.

Quinta da Regaleira, Sintra

The most visited castle is “Palacio da Pena” (https://www.parquesdesintra.pt/en/parks-monuments/park-and-national-palace-of-pena/) and it gets very crowded. “Palacio de Monserrate” and its park and gardens (https://www.parquesdesintra.pt/en/parks-monuments/park-and-palace-of-monserrate/) are well worth a visit too. 

Palacio de Monserrate, Sintra

It is easy to get to from Lisbon - take the train from Rossio direct to the last stop in Sintra and from there a "Tuc Tuc" car up to either Palace.

If you drive to Sintra, parking is a challenge and the traffic wardens are very keen to administer parking tickets. An option is to park your car at the Portela de Sintra (2nd last stop) train station (on the Forum side) for free. It will take about 15-20 minutes to walk to the old city and the “Tuc Tucs” for further transportation .

9. If you are looking for another day trip, then the city/town called Óbidos is a must. A complete medieval walled city. 

10. Alternatively the city/town of Ericeira offers nice beaches and opportunities for surfing.






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The Cyclists' excuses https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2019/6/the-cyclists-excuses Hi cycling fans and family!

Ever since I started road cycling last year after having admired different groups taking over Old Cutler Road (mostly at the weekends) I have met a lot of people, form different backgrounds and nationalities and all ages. An extremely nice, helpful and enthusiastic bunch of people. It's all about miles, where to have coffee and where to load up with carbs. But that's not what this blog (eventually becoming a book) should be about. I would like to collect and quote here all the different excuses people used when not showing up for a ride (after confirming that they will) or excuses they used for not bringing their reusable coffee cup, which our group introduced to help save the environment. Note: this idea has meanwhile spread over to other groups and even businesses.

So proud of it!

It's not a criticism but should make you laugh the same way me and my friends laughed when we first heard it. For some excuses the author or friend even provided a picture. Have fun, enjoy and if you have heard or seen some legitimate excuses in your group, don't be shy, share them with me and let's all laugh together.

(ELISABETH MURRAY Photography) bicycle brittney cup cycling elena j. environment excuse friendship fun reusable ride road sport sunday weekday https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2019/6/the-cyclists-excuses Sun, 30 Jun 2019 23:03:02 GMT
São Paulo lädt ein (3) - Let's visit São Paulo (3) https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2014/10/s-o-paulo-l-dt-ein-3---lets-visit-s-o-paulo-3 Parque do Povo - Peoples' Park

Av. Henrique Chamma, 590 - Itaim, Bibi, São Paulo, CEP 04533-130 

täglich 7 - 22h


Noch ein kleiner Park inmitten der Stadt São Paulo. Ideal für Sportler, die eine flache Laufbahn suchen oder Eltern, die ihren Kindern das

Fahrradfahren beibringen wollen. 

Es gibt dort auch einen sehr netten, schattigen Spielplatz. Der “Volkspark” ist eine 133.000m2 grosse Grünflache mit einigen Bäumen, Kakteen und Orchideen, zwischen der Marginal Pinheiros und dem neuen Luxuscomplex “Shopping JK”, mit einer 1,6km in der Runde angelegten Fahrrad- und Laufbahn. Sehr sicher, gut bewacht und mit Parkplätzen entlang der Eingänge (mit Parkverbotsschildern, die am Wochenende nicht gelten - sagen die Einheimischen!). Es gibt allerdings keine Kioske - Picknick und Getränke mitbringen! WCs vorhanden.


Parque do Povo, São PauloParque do Povo, São Paulo Parque do Povo, São PauloParque do Povo, São Paulo


Daily 7 - 22hrs

Another small park in the middle of São Paulo. Ideal for athletes who prefer to run on an even surface and parents who want to teach their kids cycling. You will also find a very nice, shady playground there. The “Peoples’ Park” is a green 133.000m2 lot, with some trees, cactus and orchids, situated between the Marginal Pinheiros and the newly developed luxury Shopping complex “JK”. The park offers a 1,6 km circular running and cycling path, is well patrolled by police and considered quite safe. You will find parking alongside the 2 entrances - although it has “parking prohibited” signs: Locals will tell you that they are not valid at the weekends! (Remember: you are in Brazil!)  Unfortunately the park has no stands with drinks or food - bring your own, DIY! There are toilets.



MAC USP Ibirapuera

Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo

Museum of Contemporary Art of the University of São Paulo (Ibirapuera)


Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral, 1301 CEP 04094-050 São Paulo

Di 10 - 21hs, Mi - So 10 - 18hs

Eintritt frei. Parken gratis.


Noch ein absolut “gratis” Museumstipp mit dem Pünktchen auf dem i - oder besser gesagt mit einer atemberaubenden Aussichtsterrasse im 8. Stock. Der Weitblick richtet sich über den gesamten Ibirapuera Park mit Morumbi- und Marginal Pinheiros Skyline.

Das Gebäude selbst, von Oscar Niemeyer ausgedacht, beeindruckt sicherlich Architekturfans. Auf 6 Stockwerken findet man Ausstellungen von über 10.000 Kunstwerken, unter anderem von Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Tarsila do Amaral, Volpi, Jay Maisel und vielen anderen. Auch Fotografien befinden sich unter den ausgestellten Werken.

Leider: kein Café oder Sitzecke zum Sich-Treffen.

Für die Gartengestaltung blieb nach der teuren Renovierung (R$ 76 Mio.) in 2012 leider kein Geld mehr.

Über eine Fussgängerbrücke kann man das Museum auch vom Park aus zu Fuss sehr schnell erreichen.


Parque Ibirapuera, São PauloParque Ibirapuera, São Paulo MAC, São PauloMAC, São Paulo


Tue 10 - 21hrs, Wed - Sun 10 - 18hrs

Entrance & parking: free


Another absolute FREE and amazing museum (just opposite Ibirapuera Park) with a breathtaking terrace view on the 8th floor: you will be taken by surprise by the extensive view of the park and the skyline in the back (showing Morumbi and the skyscrapers on the Marginal Pinheiros). The building itself was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and will definitely please architectural fans. More than 10.000 pieces of art spread over 6 floors - amongst them you will find names like Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky, Tarsila do Amaral, Volpi and Jay Maisel. There are photographs on exhibition too.

What did I miss? A place to have a coffee or drinks, a corner to sit and meet friends.

What I noticed: After the costly R$ 76mio. renovation in 2012 there was no money left for the landscaping around the building - what a pity!

You can also easily access the museum over a foot bridge from Ibirapuera Park.

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São Paulo lädt ein (2) - Let's visit São Pauo (2) https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2013/11/s-o-paulo-l-dt-ein-2---lets-visit-s-o-pauo-2 Parque Villa Lobos - Villa Lobos Park
Eintritt: gratis Parken: gratis

Noch ein grosser Stadtpark (732m2) für Sportler und Frühaufsteher. Der Park öffnet um 5Uhr30 und bietet sich zum Laufen und Fahrradfahren an. Noch nicht so bewachsen wie der Ibirapuera Park, aber dennoch sehr beliebt bei den Paulistas.
Sehr nett angelegt ist das Orchideenhaus Ruth Cardoso und ein versteckter Kräutergarten, wo man kostenlos Kräuter auf den Weg mit nach Hause bekommt.
Im Park selbst gibt es keine Restaurants oder netten Kioske um etwas zu essen, aber es gibt einen abgestellten Wagen mit Getränke und Eis. Beim Eingang des Parkes sollte man sich unbedingt den gebührenfreien Vogelkatalog mitnehmen.
Wie gesagt, ein Park um sich sportlich zu betätigen (Rasenfussball, Tennisplätze, Fahrradverleih, Picknick Plätze) oder einfach mal faul in der Wiese zu liegen.

Für: Sportler, Spaziergänger, Kleinkinder, Familien, Grünflächenliebhaber
Beste Besuchszeit: keinenfalls am Wochenende nach 11 Uhr, ausser man liebt es eng (bis zu 30.000 Besucher an Feiertagswochenenden!!!)

Parque Villa Lobos, SPParque Villa Lobos, SP Parque Villa Lobos, SPParque Villa Lobos, SP

Entrance: free, parking: free

The Villa Lobos Park is another big city park for athletes, families and early risers. It opens at 5.30 a.m. and is ideal (flat) for running and cycling. It does not provide as much shade as Ibirapuera Park because it is fairly new and some vegetation still has to grow. Nevertheless the Paulistas love this park especially at the weekends - oh yes, it does get very crowded!! A very nice addition to the park is the Orchid greenhouse “Ruth Cardoso” and a very hidden herb garden - pass there on your way out and you get some herbs for free - just tell the girl which ones you want.
Unfortunately there are no restaurants or nice kiosks in the park - only a van that sells drinks, cold coconuts and ice cream - nothing fancy!
At the entrance of the park don’t forget to pick up your free bird guide and park map. As I mentioned: it’s a park for playing football, tennis, cycling, running or just strolling around and resting on some green grass in the middle of a big city.

Recommended for: athletes, walking, families with small children, lying in the grass
Best time to visit: not at the weekends after 11 a.m. - unless you are looking for lots of company!! (that is with 30.000 people!)


Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo und Umgebung/Pinacoteca and surroundings

Eintritt: R$ 6,00 Parken: gratis

Wer gegenwärtige Kunstaustellungen und Klassiker sehen möchte, noch dazu in einem herrlich renoviertem Gebäude von 1900, ist hier gerade richtig. Auch die Gegend rund um das Museum hat Einiges zu bieten, wie z.B. Parque da Luz (Park), Estação da Luz (alte Eisenbahnstation - tipo: Grand Central Station von New York) und die Sala São Paulo (Konzertsaal und ehemalige Eisenbahnstation).
Absoluter Geheimtipp den man ausprobieren sollte, wenn man italienische Küche mag: die Ravioli und Teiggerichte im Café/Restaurant des Untergeschosses der Pinacoteca. Bei Schönwetter empfiehlt es sich draussen im Garten zu sitzen - man sitzt dann sozusagen im Parque da Luz.
Vorübergehende Ausstellungen kann man auf der oben angeführten Webseite ersehen - zu jeder Ausstellung bekommt man auch gratis einen kleinen Katalog am Eingang. Tipp: nicht mit Rucksack hingehen - den muss man dann an der Gaderobe abgeben. Handtaschen und Kameras sind erlaubt! Kaugummikauen ist ebenfalls NICHT erlaubt!!

Gleich nebenan ist der Parque da Luz - Park, wo auch einige Skulpturen und viele alte, grosse Bäume zu sehen sind. Der Park ist gut bewacht aber dennoch sollte man sich nicht allzu turistisch benehmen - leider gibt es dort viele Obdachlose und Drogensüchtige. Nur bei Tageslicht hingehen!

Gegenüber der Pinacoteca ist die Estação da Luz, ein Bahnhof aus dem Jahr 1900 mit aus England importierten Eisenteilen. Man findet dort auch das Museum der Portugiesischen Sprache (Museu da Lingua Portuguesa) und kann von dort aus mit einem turistischen Zug (Expresso Turístico) nach Paranapiacaba fahren (Tagesausflug mit einer alten Lokomotive).

Wenn man Zeit, Lust und Laune hat sollte man sich via internet für eine Führung bei der Sala São Paulo anmelden. (http://www.osesp.art.br/portal/paginadinamica.aspx?pagina=salasaopaulo) = Visita monitorada (R$ 5,00, am Wochenende GRATIS). Man erfährt dabei die Geschichte, wie diese ehemalige Eisenbahnstation in eine der besten Konzertsäle der Welt umgebaut wurde. Akustisch unvergleichbar und wirklich sehenswert.
Geheimtipp: Mittagessen vom Buffet!! und sehr guter Souvenirshop, was man sonst hier in São Paulo eher nicht findet.


Entrance: R$ 6,00 Parking: free

Whoever likes a mix of contemporary art and classics will enjoy the Pinacoteca, a renovated building from 1900 that hosts this museum. The surroundings have a lot to offer as well: just beside the museum is the Parque da Luz (Luz Park) and opposite the Luz Railway station (Estação da Luz).- reminds you of The Grand Central Station in New York. Close to the Pinacoteca you will find the Sala São Paulo concert hall at the old Sorocabana Railway office building from 1938.
If you visit the Pinacoteca, have lunch there and try the Italian dishes, like ravioli. On a nice day you can sit outside where the coffee - restaurant extends out into the Luz Park.
Temporary art exhibitions are mentioned on their website and for every exhibition you get a small catalogue for free at the entrance. Don’t visit the Pinacoteca with backpacks because you will have to leave them at the cloak room - handbags and cameras are allowed. Chewing gum is not welcome!!

Attached to the Pinacoteca building is the Luz Park (Parque da Luz) where you can find some more modern sculptures and huge, old trees. The park has security people walking around but still, I would recommend not to go there after dark - the park benches are the home of homeless and drug addicts.

Opposite the Pinacoteca is the Estação da Luz train station which still operates today and is very photogenic with its imported iron pieces from England. Inside you can also visit the Museum for the Portuguese Language (Museu da Lingua Portuguesa) or you take a touristy train ride down to Paranapiacaba.

At the concert hall’s website (http://www.osesp.art.br/portal/paginadinamica.aspx?pagina=salasaopaulo), you can book a visit for just R$ 5,00 (or at the weekends FREE) and be shown the inside of this magnificent concert hall (and hear the very interesting story of its foundation) Where previously there had been a courtyard of ideal dimensions and proportions, flanked by Greek columns, a space offering great acoustic potential was found and eventually transformed into a concert hall. It is the home of the São Paulo Symphony Orchestra.
Another insider tip: Have lunch there at the buffet and visit the souvenir shop - very rare here in São Paulo.


Pinacoteca de São Paulo, SPPinacoteca de São Paulo, SP Estação da Luz, SPEstação da Luz, SP Estação da Luz, SPEstação da Luz, SP Sala São Paulo, SPSala São Paulo, SP Sala São Paulo, SPSala São Paulo, SP Estação Julio Prestes, São PauloEstação Julio Prestes, São Paulo



(ELISABETH MURRAY Photography) brasil elisabethmurray museum são paulo https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2013/11/s-o-paulo-l-dt-ein-2---lets-visit-s-o-pauo-2 Wed, 20 Nov 2013 22:07:55 GMT
São Paulo lädt dich ein (1) Let's visit São Paulo (1) https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2013/11/tourismus-in-s-o-paulo-1 Ich sag’s Euch gleich: ich bin keine Schriftstellerin, sondern Fotografin. Bin keine waschechte Brasilianerin, sondern ausgewanderte Wienerin mit Doppelstaatsbürgerschaft, der São Paulo nach mehr als 20 Jahren ans Herz gewachsen ist. Ja, ich gebe es zu: damals in 1992 rollten dicke Tränen meine Wangen runter, als ich diese Stadt zum ersten Mal sah, hörte und roch - seitdem weiss ich es: Sag’ nielmals NIE!
Viele würden alles geben, um hier wegzukommen - dem absoluten Verkehrschaos zu entfliehen, die Flucht vor zu hohen Steuern und Preisen zu ergreifen und der Korruption sowie der Politik den Rücken zeigen zu können - und gerade in diesem Moment, will ich versuchen, denjenigen, die São Paulo noch nicht kennen, schmackhaft zu machen, wiederkommen zu wollen oder einfach sich doch das Beste aus dem Vorhandenen zu machen. Die Fussball WM naht und São Paulo hat ganz sicher mehr zu bieten, als nur im Hotel zu sitzen oder im Shopping zu bummeln, weil man gesagt kriegt, Angst haben zu müssen alleine auf die Strasse zu gehen.


I am not a writer, but a photographer. I am not Brazilian, nor American, nor Irish, nor English, but born in Austria enjoying double citizenship.  After living in São Paulo for 20 years this city just grew on me - I admit: I was thoroughly upset when we first moved here and I thought I won’t last a year here - well, NEVER say NEVER again.

A lot of Brazilians would give their left arm to be able to move away from here and live abroad, they complain about too much traffic, too many taxes, insufficient medical care, never ending corruption and hopeless politicians.
And yet - right at this moment - there is me, wanting to get you to like São Paulo, to come back and visit or simply make the best of your stay during the World Cup next year. Because I know for a fact, and have tried it out myself (!!!), São Paulo has a lot to offer for tourists (although badly advertised) and there is no need to listen to “don’t go out on the street on your own” or “please stay safely in your hotel room”.

Regel Nummer 1)
Als Tourist in São Paulo beginnst du deinen Tag entweder vor 6 Uhr oder nach 9Uhr30 morgens - keine Sorge, ich habe Programmvorschläge für Frühaufsteher!
Die Zeit zwischen 6Uhr und 9Uhr30 lassen wir mal den Leuten die zur Arbeit müssen.

Regel Nummer 2)
Bequeme Turnschuhe, leichte Kleidung, unauffällige Nicht-Marken-Taschen/Rucksack und Modeschmuck sowie Billiguhren sind angesagt. Bargeld, eine Kreditkarte und eine Ausweiskopie mitnehmen. Fürs Handy gibt es wifi in einigen wenigen Lokalen, manchen Museen, vielen Shoppings und manchmal sogar im Park (z.B. Ibirapuera).

Regel Nummer 3)
Aufpassen: Montags ist vieles geschlossen!

Regel Nummer 4)
Mit dem Taxi ist man oft schneller, da diese spezielle Fahrbahnen nehmen dürfen bzw. wissen, wie man dem Stau entkommt. GPS/Navi für nicht SP-Kenner ist nicht zu empfehlen, da man oft in Gegenden geschickt wird, die man besser nicht kennenlernen sollte, falls man keinen bewaffneten Abenteuerurlaub gebucht hat.


There are some basic rules for São Paulo (and any big city for that matter):

    1) Go out before 6 a.m. or after 9.30 a.m. - leave the morning hours for people who have to get to work - don’t get in their way, they are the majority!!!! Don’t worry, I have some ideas for what you can do early in the morning.
    2) Wear comfortable runners and don’t try to impress with expensive looking clothes, bags, backpacks or watches and jewellery. Low profile keeps you away from trouble. Bring some cash, one credit card and for your cell phone you will find some wifi spots occasionally, especially in museums, some restaurants or, surprise: even in a public park such as Ibirapuera Park.
    3) Keep an eye on your Monday programme - lots of places are closed Mondays!
    4) Last but not least: take a taxi - you will get there quicker and safer. Traffic in São Paulo is madness, the street signs bring you anywhere but to your destination and GPS systems tend to take short cuts through areas where you do not want to be seen dead.

Av. 23 de Maio, São PauloAv. 23 de Maio, São Paulo

Jardim Botânico de São Paulo - Botanical Gardens (http://www.ibot.sp.gov.br/jardim/ingressos/ingressos.php)

Dienstag - Sonntag, Eintritt: R$ 5,00 Parken: R$ 8,00 Zeitaufwand: ca. 4 Std. inkl. Mittagesssen (oder je nach Fotografierlust länger....)

Wenn man so gegen 10 Uhr im Botanischen Garten ankommt (es gibt einen bewachten Parkplatz) kann man sehr nette Spaziergänge durch die 360.000m2 der Mata Atlantica machen und sogar freilebende Affen beobachten.
Der Geheimtipp für diesen Ausflug ist das Mittagessen im Restaurant Atlantica: Brasilianische Küche (bestens zubereitet), nach dem System: man bezahlt nur das was man sich auf den Teller nimmt. Beginnt ab 12Uhr!! (bis ca. 14Uhr).
Für: Naturliebhaber, leichte Wanderer, Fotografen, Verliebte.
Beste Besuchszeit: wochentags (auch die Küche ist wochentags VIEL besser!!!!)


Tuesday - Sunday, Entrance fee: R$ 5,00 Parking: R$ 8,00 (reserve 4 hours, or more if you are a photographer)

If you get there around 10 a.m. (opens at 9 a.m.) you have plenty of time to enjoy nice walks through the 360.000m2 rainforest park. If you are lucky you may even get to see the “bugios” (monkeys) that live there freely. Anyway, you will unmistakably hear them from far away! My insider tip: have lunch at the Atlantic Restaurant (there is only this one there, can’t miss it). The homemade food is delicious and you only pay for what you put on your plate. Lunch starts at around noon and is being served until about 2 p.m.

Recommended for Nature lovers, people who like to walk, photographers and “lovebirds”.
Best day to visit: during the week (and also the food is much better weekdays!!!!)


Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP

Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP Jardim Botânico, SPJardim Botânico, SP

Parque Ibirapuera und einige Museen - Ibirapuera Park and some museums
Eintritt: frei  - Parken: 2Std. R$ 4,50 (Parkschein im Park kaufen!!!) Tagesausflug!

Was für die New Yorker Central Park ist, ist für die Paulistas der Ibirapuera Park.
Man muss den Park “entdecken” (es sind ca. 2km2) - zeitig morgens kann man hier gut laufen, an den Kiosken ab 8 Uhr frühstücken (mit wifi), Fahrrad fahren oder ab 10 Uhr z.B. das sehr interessante Museum Afro-Brasil besuchen (Eintritt: gratis!). Im Park selbst befindet sich auch das MAM (Museu de Arte Moderna) und das Museu de Arte Contemporânea. Eintritte: gratis. Oft gibt es auch in der Oca oder Bienale Ausstellungen (zumeist ebenfalls gratis) und vom Auditório Ibirapuera sollte man zumindest die Empfangshalle kennenlernen - Sehenswert!!!
Fast täglich gibt es für CD/DVD Aufnahmen Vorstellungen, die man abends besuchen kann - Eintrittskarten gibt es direkt im Auditório um banale R$ 20 - von klassischer Musik, über Jazz und Pop ist alles vertreten und falls man eine Aufführung erwischt, bei der die hintere Bühnenwand abends zum beleuchteten Park aufmacht, hat man einen Volltreffer von Einzigartigkeit gemacht. Tipp: 45 Minuten vor der Aufführung an der Café-Bar ein Pão de Queijo (Käsebrötchenspeziali†ät auf brasil. Art) probieren. Espresso mit Milch wird ebenfalls angeboten!


Entrance: free  - Parking 2hs.: R$ 4,50  (Buy parking tickets in the park)

New Yorkers have their Central Park. Paulistas have Ibirapuera Park.
Ibirapuera is one of Latin America’s largest city parks (545 acres) and needs to be discovered - it is great to go there for a run (or walk) early in the morning - and believe me, you will not be on your own -  have breakfast at one of the kiosk’s (as from 8 a.m. - with wifi!!!), ride a bike (they do have bike rentals) or even visit one of the many museums in the park. They are open from 10 a.m., entrance is mostly free.
Great exhibitions at the Museum Afro-Brasil, MAM (Museum of Modern Art), Museum of Contemporary Art (Museu de Arte Contemporânea), Oca, Bienale, Planetarium, Japanese Pavillion (special opening hours and days)...and last but not least you should have a look into the entrance hall of the Auditório Ibirapuera (concert hall) - you will be pleasantly surprised!!
The shows or concerts at the Auditório Ibirapuera often present unknown artists and you can take your pick from classical music to jazz and pop or even Brazilian artists - for as little as R$ 20,00 you will get the ultimate sound experience and if the backstage opens up, it lights up the park during the evening show: you will really count yourself lucky - never ever will you have seen anything like it. Be there 45 minutes before the show and indulge in a “pão de queijo” (Brasilian cheese bread speciality) and espresso with or without milk.


Auditório Ibirapuera stage, São PauloAuditório Ibirapuera stage, São Paulo Auditório Ibirapuera, SP by Oscar NiemeyerAuditório Ibirapuera, SP by Oscar Niemeyer
Vor dem Park sollte man sich den Obelisk und das “Monumento aos Bandeirantes” -Denkmal anschauen und auf alle Fälle auch die Springbrunnen am grossen Teich (Lago Três), wobei sie nicht mit dem Bellaggio in Las Vegas verglichen werden dürfen. Zu Weihnachten gibt es eine Sonderausgabe der Wasserspiele, die viele Neugierige auch spät abends anlockt - sehenswert!!
Im Park befindet sich auch das Planetarium und ein Japanischer Pavillion, der leider nicht an allen Tagen offen ist.
Am Wochenende und bei Schönwetter ist der Park sehr überfüllt!- aber sehr interessant die Einheimischen zu beobachten.
Für: Naturliebhaber, Sportler, Kleinkinder, Spaziergänger, Radfahrer, Skateboarder, Fotografen, Entenfütterer.
Beste Besuchszeit: Am Wochenende zeitig morgens, ansonsten wochentags von 5 Uhr bis Sonnenuntergang.
Sicherheitswarnung: besser nichts bei ambulanten Verkäufern erwerben. Wasser an den Kiosken oder Restaurants in Flaschen kaufen.

Outside the park have a look at the “Monumento ás Bandeiras” sculpture, the Obelisk and also visit “Lago Três” (the big lake you see from outside the park) where they have fountains and lights. It’s a Xmas spectacle - but don’t expect it to be the Bellagio of Las Vegas.
At the weekends the park gets fairly crowded - but it is interesting to watch how the locals spend their outdoor weekend.
Recommended for: Nature lovers, athletes, small children, cyclists, skateboarders, photographers and people who like to feed ducks.
Best time to visit: early in the morning, sundown at weekends and always from 5 a.m. to midnight.
Security advice: don’t buy anything from Isopor street venders in the park. Buy your drinks, food or water from the restaurants and official kiosks.


Ibirapuera Park, SPIbirapuera Park, SP Ibirapuera Park, SPIbirapuera Park, SP Ibirapuera Park, SPIbirapuera Park, SP Ibirapuera Park, SPIbirapuera Park, SP Ibirapuera Park, SPIbirapuera Park, SP

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THOUGHTS (4) https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2013/7/thoughts-4 Estação da Luz, SP

Leave the PAST behind as there is no FUTURE in it.

Deixe o PASSADO para atrás porque não há FUTURO nele.

Estação Julio Prestes, São Paulo

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Any person can make you realize how wonderful the world is. But only a few will make you realize how wonderful YOU are in the world.

Qualquer pessoa consegue fazer você perceber que o mundo é maravilhoso. Mas somente algumas vão te fazer perceber como você é maravilhoso no mundo.

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Every new BEGINNING comes from some other beginning's end.

Cada novo começo vem de um fim de um outro começo.

Parque Ecológico Tieté


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THOUGHTS https://www.elisabethmurrayphotography.com/blog/2013/7/thoughts SAUDADE é quanto o momento tenta fugir da lembrança para acontecer de novo e não consegue.Cotia, Brazil

SAUDADE é quanto o momento tenta fugir da lembrança para acontecer de novo e não consegue.

"saudade" = The love that remains after someone/something has gone. It brings sad and happy feelings all together, sadness for missing and happiness for having experienced the feeling. Tenho a impressão de que algumas coisas são difíceis de se esquecer, porém a certeza de que muitas são simplesmente inesquecíveis.

Many things are difficult to forget, but even more are just unforgettable.


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